Outsourced Data Center Jobs -- Perception vs. Reality

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 23, 2010

Are American IT workers "unemployable"? Datamation looks at the rise in IT outsourcing of data center jobs and assesses how much of a threat it is to American technology professionals.

Outsourcing and its impact on data center jobs is a contentious topic. Oftentimes it's difficult to separate myth from truth.

American dominance of technology continues unabated, as giants like Microsoft, Google and IBM shape the landscape with big ideas and big dollars. Yet one species in this thriving landscape is clearly beleaguered: the American IT worker.

His challenges are numerous. A brutal recession makes hollowed-out companies hesitant to hire. Wages are stagnant. Well-educated H1B visa holders are happy to work for less. A multi-year trend toward IT outsourcing means emerging market talent is just an email away.

Worst of all, word on the street is that U.S. IT workers aren't keeping up with the global competition. The stereotypes, regardless of truth, have gained a degree of cultural credence.

The U.S. tech professional is (according to lore) educated in a dysfunctional school system and distracted by an indulgent American lifestyle (March Madness betting pool, anyone?). In contrast, his Third World counterpart (probably Indian) lives to work and focuses like a laser beam on his training - which never stops.

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