7 Questions to Help Land Your Dream Data Center Job

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Posted Apr 16, 2010

Asking questions is a key component of any job interview. Asking good questions is a key step to securing the job. Datamation highlights seven questions to ask and some to avoid when interviewing for a data center job.

Got questions? Here's what to ask and what to keep to yourself when interviewing for a data center job.

The most important question in any interview with a prospective employer isn't the most difficult to answer. In fact, it only requires a simple yes or no response. But countless job candidates still reply incorrectly.

The all-important query? "Do you have any questions for me?"

When the hiring manager gets to this question, don't just smile and say no. Consider it your opportunity to interview the company. If you ask pointed questions and listen closely to the answers, you'll gain insight that will help you decide if the position is right for you. Along the way, you'll also set yourself apart as an intelligent candidate who's eager to learn more about the job.

Here are seven key questions to ask before you shake hands and head out the door.

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