Motivated Employees Make for a Successful Company

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Posted Apr 9, 2010

When business conditions are difficult, IT leadership takes on a whole new significance. CIOUpdate columnist Dave Willmer looks at what you can do to keep your staff motivated so your business can continue to thrive.

Most execs know that having a loyal, motivated staff is critical to a company's success, but when business conditions are rough, it's hard to put that into practice.

Having a loyal, motivated team can make all the difference in your company's ability to not just survive but also succeed. IT leadership plays a key role in making this happen. As the economy improves, it will be critical that your employees are satisfied because the risk of turnover will grow exponentially. In fact, in a recent survey by our firm, 31 percent of CIOs said they are worried about losing top performers to other job opportunities in the next year.

Certainly, no executive sets out to deflate morale and harm employee retention, but there are some common mistakes that can have this effect. What follows are five actions to avoid:

Withholding Information

On the surface, it may seem that not informing staff of bad news is better for morale. However, trying to hide information from your employees can be quite damaging. Chances are, word will leak out about the situation, and rumors may be inaccurate and fuel anxiety.

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