10 Must-Have Certs for Landing Your Dream Data Center Job

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 19, 2010

When the IT job site Dice surveyed 17,000 technology professionals about career certifications, a lengthy list was generated spanning areas of focus as diverse as software, networking and security. Not all all certs are created equal, however, and Datamation reports on the 10 likely to result in the greatest career advancement.

If you're looking for a job in a data center involving software, networking or security, you probably already know there are ample certifications from which to choose. Finding a cert is the easy part; determining which will lead to the most career advancement is trickier.

The value of IT certifications is a constant debate in the tech industry. Some veteran IT professionals claim they're of limited value, while others see them as key building blocks for a better career.

The IT job site Dice surveyed 17,000 technology professionals to see which of the many certifications was most beneficial. Clearly, "Not all certifications are created equal in terms of paycheck impact," wrote Evan Lesser, Director of Dice Learning.

He noted that while nearly half of all technology professionals have at least one certification, a minority attributed pay increases to certification. To some observers, that would suggest that the expense of earning certifications might not pay for itself.

Read the rest of "The Top 10 IT Certifications" at Datamation

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