3 Areas Where It's Critical to Think Like a CFO

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jan 29, 2010

Part of being successful as a CIO in 2010 means recognizing what the top-of-mind issues are for the CFO sitting across the hall. CIO Update looks at the three key ares CFOs look at before green lighting a project.

The secret to getting your project approved is to evaluate it the way the CFO will.

These are extraordinary times given what businesses have dealt with the last couple of years and most CFOs still wear a look of anxiety on their faces. The good news is about two-thirds of the CFOs I talk to believe business prospects are better now than last quarter.

To be effective in 2010, CIOs should recognize top-of-mind issues for CFOs sitting across the hall. From my own experience, and drawing on conversations I've had with many others, the three most common questions CFOs are asking today about new IT projects are:

The immediate impact on cash flow, the level of fixed cost being added, and how much it will help grow sales.

Let's take them one at a time ...

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